4 Things About Self Storage Lloydminster Residents Look For

4 Things About Self Storage Lloydminster Residents Look For

The sorts of self storage Lloydminster homeowners use tend to be the ones that offer the most convenience.

No two storage companies are the same. In terms of facilities and features, they can actually differ quite a lot. To choose the type of self storage Lloydminster homeowners are happy to recommend, it’s important to consider your options. 

When people decide on a self storage company, they typically stick with it, even though there might be better options out there. This is usually because the thought of moving their possessions overshadows the potential gain from relocating. 

So if you happen to be on the hunt for the sort of self storage Lloydminster residents are happy to come back to, try finding one with the following features:

1. Easy Access

Having your belongings close at hand is so convenient. If you have to drive all the way into the countryside every time you need something from your self storage unit, it’ll get tiresome fairly soon.

By choosing a storage company in Lloydminster that’s centrally located, you can drive to your storage unit in minutes. In terms of access, you should also look for self storage companies that offer:

  • Pavement-to-pavement access
  • Ample parking
  • Space to maneuver trailers and vehicles 

2. Different Storage Options

These days, the style of self storage Lloydminster homeowners use varies a lot. While some people are satisfied with a simple 10x10 ministorage locker, others want more options. That could include an indoor heated space for your RV, or a secure place to store sensitive files for your business.

To learn more about temperature-controlled storage, read our post: Lloydminster Storage Tips: Why Is Heated Storage Ideal for Vehicles?

Other commonly requested storage types include: 

  • Boat and vehicle storage
  • Portable storage containers
  • Rental units 

3. Security

When searching for a self storage company in Lloydminster, don’t be afraid to ask the owner or manager about their security measures. If they have a fenced or walled complex, that’s a good start, but it shouldn’t be their only line of defence against would-be burglars.

Be sure to inquire about their security protocol, and ask whether they use advanced technology such as:

  • Extensive video surveillance
  • Motion detectors
  • Coded and time-locked gates
  • Effective compound lighting

4. Flexible Rates

Once you’ve determined that you need self storage, the next step is to determine for how long. If it’s only going to be for a short timeframe—for example, storing your motorcycle while you’re away travelling—then make sure you find a storage company that offers monthly rates.

Likewise, if you know your going to store your belongings for the long term, then search around for a company that offers competitive yearly rates.

Are you looking for self storage Lloydminster residents find convenient? Call Store Right. We’re centrally located and we offer a range of cost-effective solutions for all of your storage needs.

“With a location minutes away from my home, Store Right Ltd. offers storage for everyone's needs. With a clean yard and exceptional service, I am happy to support this local business!”
Jordan Scott, Danrae Asphalt & Maintenance Ltd

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