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Great Rates at Store Right Lloydminster Great Rates

Choose from an array of self-storage, boat and RV unit sizes – simply put, you only pay for what you need.

* Subject to availability

* Prices do not include tax


Mini Storage

8' x 5' $95 / month
8' x 10' $115 / month

RV Parking

32' x 14' $55 / month  $605 / year
50' x 14' $65 / month $715 / year

Storage Containers
(Sea Cans)

8' x 10' $115 / month
8' x 20'  $165 / month
8' x 20' PORTABLE $210 / month + Delivery (PLEASE CONTACT)
8' x 40' $250 / month

RV & Storage Container Combination

32' x 14' *Call for price*
50' x 14' *Call for price*

Store Right is centrally located in Lloydminster AB Centrally Located

Arrive at your unit in less than 10 minutes! Our Lloydminster storage units are conveniently located right inside the community in the Foote Industrial area. By traveling to the southeast area, rather than all the way to a distant field, you’ll have easier access to your items – and more time to enjoy them!


Secure Storage at Store Right Lloydminster Secure Facilities

Rest assured your items or vehicles are in good hands. We use state-of-the art security technology and best practices—including complete video surveillance with motion detectors, coded and time-locked gates, a fully fenced, enclosed and well-lit property—to provide the kind of storage solutions the residents of Lloydminster deserve and trust.


Travel on paved roads only to Store Right Pavement-to-Pavement Travel

Pull out of your driveway and into our facility without leaving the pavement. By traveling within the community on paved roads to and from your boat, RV or self-storage, you save time, protect your vehicle and enjoy peace of mind knowing your treasured possessions are in the care of a professional storage company operating with the highest standards of service.

“During the past couple years we’ve experience rapid growth in sales and service. While the overall increase in business is certainly a great thing, the increase left me requiring a…”
Todd Lane, Lloydminster Hyundai

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Conveniently located in the southeast Foote Industrial Area, Store Right is just a short drive from anywhere in Lloydminster.

At the corner of 12 Street and 40 Ave (3909 12st)
Lloydminster, SK




Monday - Sunday 7AM - 10PM


Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5:30PM
Saturday - Sunday 10:30AM - 4:30PM